About Me

Hi, my name is Lori Michelle Love and I have been offering holistic healing and sacred services for 25 years. I am a teacher and healer who loves helping others awaken, grow, let go, find peace, and reconnect with that place within themselves that is peaceful, blissful, and loving. I enjoy specializing in Reproductive issues, Fertility, Menopause, Birth/Doula/Postpartum services, Relationships, & Spiritual Guidance. I offer services including Reiki, Herbalism, Goddess Gatherings, Chakra Healing, Shamanic Counseling, Bhakti Kirtans, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Women’s Retreats, Workshops, and more. Contact me today to book an appointment! Virtual sessions, phone consultations and one-on-one consultations are available by appointment. If I don't have a birth, travel is an option as well.


I had a healing session with Lori and felt a gentle, loving, embracing yet HUGE shift. I came to her when I felt manic, fearful, and stressed. I appreciated learning from her personal experience which helped calm my mind and rapid thoughts. I also loved her energy healing to soothe my fears at a deep level. I was able to step more in my personal power with confidence. As an added bonus, I left feeling peaceful and in harmony with life. Thank you, for the work you do Lori!



At the age of 25, I found myself in tremendous pain from endometriosis and poly-cystic ovaries. The pain was so great that I had difficulty standing up straight. From the ages of 19 to 25 I had seen 10 different doctors and was told by each one that I would never become pregnant. I also suffered from severe fibro-cystic breast disease. In fact, the day I met Lori, I had just seen a breast surgeon to schedule a bilateral mastectomy because it was too painful to bear any longer. I had lost hope in having a child, living without pain, and in my own body. 


To distract myself from my grieving for the child I was never going to have, I enrolled in Yoga and Belly Dance lead by Lori. I had never met this angel before but that very night she changed my life. She pulled me aside and said “I can help you. Don’t give up.”  She knew nothing of my situation and yet she saw my pain. Through months of her devoted time, love, and energy my body began to heal. With daily herbal teas and tinctures, my pain started to lessen. Within 5 months, I could finally function normal with minimal pain. By 6 months of Lori’s love and lots of prayer and self-care, I found myself staring at, not one, but 5 positive pregnancy tests! It was a miracle, I have no doubt. Lori helped care for me during my pregnancy and the weeks following the birth of my perfect, healthy son, as my Doula and, now, my friend.


Since that time, almost 10 years ago, I have referred multiple friends, even strangers that have heard my story, to Lori. There is no doubt in my mind that Lori was placed in my path at one of my darkest moments and helped lead me back to the light. I will forever be thankful for her presence in my life.