Lori Love is a sacred mantra singer and musician, inspirational teacher, healer, medicine woman, and devoted Bhakti - dedicated to the path of Love and Devotion. She shares these sacred songs, mantras, chants, and prayers in Kirtans, in Yoga, in Spiritual Gatherings, in Healing Sessions, in Nature, and in Life! She has played music since the age of 4, was classically trained in piano and has meditated since the age of 7. She has sung with several world renowned artists such as Girish, David Newman, Bhakti Messenger, Blue Spirit Wheel, Luna Kristin Ray, and Wynne Paris, and has been a founding member of Bhakti Rythms, Blue Lotus, and Rising Lotus.


"Life can be so wonderfully beautiful, and it can also throw such hardships, but when I turn to singing these sacred prayers, it takes me straight into the Deep Heart of God, of Love. When I meditate on The Truth, all else falls away and I Am Transported To The Expansive Peace That Passes Understanding. I Love You and cannot wait to awaken and let go, more deeply, with you.

Om Shanti Om

Sat Nam