Childbirth Education

This 2 part workshop is a perfect first time, supplemental, or renewal class on the stages of labor, how to prepare for childbirth, understanding normal birth, and the immediate post-partum period. Topics will include herbs for pregnancy, labor, and post-partum, signs of labor starting and what to do, evidence based statistics, and holistic protocols-bridging the gap between the medical and the natural.


Day 1 - Herbs and Nourishment for Pregnancy and Signs of Labor Beginning and What To Do

Early Labor
Active Labor


Day 2 - Herbs and Nourishment for Labor and Post-partum

Post-partum Period

Lori Love has been a Sacred Birth Keeper for 21 years as a Doula, a Monitrice, a Midwife Assistant and Apprentice, and an Aspiring Midwife. She has assisted at approximately 300 births and is a Keeper of the Wise-Woman Way of Health and Healing, as well as an Herbalist, Medicine Woman, Reiki Healer and Holistic Counselor. She teaches Women's Workshops monthly and offers private and group counseling, healing, and pre-natal and post-natal yoga and sacred movement.

The cost for this workshop is $175 per couple and this includes a phone consult with me, before, during, or after your labor.
Or $125 per couple for the 2 classes only
Or $80 per individual class if you can only attend one evening
And 50% off if you have hired me to be your doula or monitrice!

Please feel free to bring food and drink. Light healthy food will be provided. And please abstain from wearing scented products such as perfume or cologne. Thank you!

"Women are beautiful, wise and incredibly attuned to the natural flow of giving birth, to their little babies, and to themselves. Let us honor support, listen, and love the sacred mothers of this earth. Let us also honor as well the sacred fathers who are so willing to learn and support

and offer their natural gifts."

~Lori M. Love