Yin Yoga

The original styles of physical yoga were very yin-like, that is quiet, passive, deep, and allowing in nature. Over the past 200 years the style has changed to be more yang-like, that is activating, and heating up. Harmony comes through balance, so by combining both styles, progress in practice is more assured. The purpose of the physical practice is to prepare the student for the deeper practices of meditation.

Why we practice Yin Yoga

1.   To help with growing old gracefully.

2.   To help if grieving, sad, sick, tired, or injured.

3.   To help prepare the body, mind, emotions for meditation.

4.   To help before and after sitting for long periods of time as in traveling by plane or driving a car.

5.   To compliment a more active yang practice, whether yoga, dance, climbing, running, etc.

6.   To prevent injury.

7.   To feel more calm, centered, mindful, and peaceful.

8.   To heal holistically.

I hope you join us as we heal, restore, go deep, rest, and allow this soft yet strong practice.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Peace Peace Peace