Comfrey Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf


This blend is perfect for helping mamas with the exhaustion of motherhood, keeping you calm, alert, and healthy. Substances that encourage generous amounts of breast milk are called galactagogues, and each of the herbs in this blend are well known for this quality. Nourishing herbs prepared as infusions (strong nourishing teas), encourage a plentiful supply of breast milk as well as support the overall health of mom and baby. These herbs contain such an abundant supply of minerals, that mineral loss from nursing is counter-balanced. 

Comfrey Leaf (not root!) increases the amount and richness of breast milk, and repairs ligaments, muscles and other tissues traumatized during childbirth. Comfrey leaf also builds strong bones and teeth for both mama and baby. 

Nettle Leaf  has a high mineral content and increases the richness and amount of breast milk.


Red Raspberry Leaf Assists in the production of plentiful breast milk, loaded with readily available and easily assimilated calcium, which plays a key role in lactation.

To make an infusion:

~ Place 1/2 cup, by weight, of dried herb in a quart canning jar.
~ Fill to the top with boiling water.
~ Lid gently and let steep for at least four hours or overnight.
~ Then strain.
~ Drink liquid portion hot, cold, or in between.
~ Refrigerate what you don't consume at once; use within 48 hours.

Sit down to nurse and enjoy nourishing yourself and your little one!
Drink freely throughout the day, up to 1 quart a day.


All of my products are made with the freshest, highest quality, either organic or sustainable ingredients, wild-crafted from mother earth when possible, and created with intentions of healing, prayers of peace, and blessings of love.

Please use these products within 3 months. 

May you feel and receive the care and connection within each sip, touch, sight or smell.
Sweet Blessings, Lori 

Bountiful Breastfeeding Blend