Comfrey Leaf, Oatstraw, Dandelion Root, Nettle Leaf

Tea - 1 tablespoon in a cup of hot water steeped for 15 minutes, strain and drink.

Nourishing Infusion - Place 2/3 cup of herbs in a glass quart jar, pour boiling water to top, cover with lid and let sit/steep for 4-8 hours. Strain, and drink, 1 big mugful to 1 quart a day. This method gives you much more readily available calcium, as well as other minerals and properties.


As a woman who has gone through "the change", I can say with great enthusiasm and gratitude, that drinking nourishing infusions of these herbs, before, during, and after menopause, has eased and enriched my life in a multitude of ways. Thank Goddess!

Oatstraw strengthens nerves, reduces emotional distress, promotes sound sleep, keeps bones and heart strong, and strengthens libido.

Nettle Leaf strengthens adrenals, eases anxiety, increases energy, helps prevent night sweats, builds blood, protects bones and heart.

Comfrey Leaf keeps bones strong and flexible, strengthens digestion and elimination, softens face wrinkles, keeps skin supple, strengthens immune system, nourishe hormones, calms nervous system, and helps improve short term memory.

Dandelion Root is a super strengthener for the liver, the control center for hot flashes, improves digestion, helps relieve headaches, helps steady blood sugar.



All of my products are made with the freshest, highest quality, either organic or sustainable ingredients, wild-crafted from mother earth when possible, and created with intentions of healing, prayers of peace, and blessings of love.

Please use these products within 3 months.

May you feel and receive the care and connection within each sip, touch, sight or smell.
Sweet Blessings, Lori 

Menopausal Tea Blend